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6′ Robellini palm in square basket
Cream baby dendrobium orchids in gold/white glass bowl
Tree succulents in white ceramic planter
32″ Onion grass in ceramic planter
Slatted wooden wall section with aloe and assorted succulents
Cream peonies in tall glass cylinder with gold stripe
Cream cymbidium orchids in white/gold glass vase
Sensaveria plant in round grey planter
Snake plant in round white planter
dwsilks Snake plant in round white planter
1,345 SR
In stock, 20 units
Light blue hydrangea in glass cube
Pale green hydrangea in glass cube
Sisal plant
dwsilks Sisal plant
795 SR
In stock, 17 units
7′ boxwood hedge in rectangle planter
Stripped agave in wooden screen with shelves
16.5″ Boxwood ball
dwsilks 16.5″ Boxwood ball
395 SR
In stock, 32 units
Boxwood ball in tall grey urn
dwsilks Boxwood ball in tall grey urn
1,645 SR
In stock, 16 units
Spiral rosemary topiary in round grey planter
White cherry blossom branches in tall contemporary resin planter
Silver dollar eucalyptus in glass bottles in wooden crate
Assorted succulents and greenery in glass dome with wood base