• Our Mission

    Our Mission is to source top-of-the-line furniture and design trends, with our customers in mind, to deliver an exciting and convenient experience. We aim to provide variety and versatility.

  • Our Vision

    -Maintain leadership in quality of service to our customers.
    -Provide products of superior quality at the best price to our customers.
    -Be the Saudi market leader in furniture, and home accessories, and expand to serve customers all over the GCC.

Our Core Values

Customers First

Our focus revolves around fulfilling our guest’s needs, solving their problems and providing top of the line quality goods and services. We make the latest and greatest interior design trends and innovations the world has to offer easily accessible to make your dream house a reality. Our staff is always listening and ready to tailor you the perfect solution. The job is not done until you are happy.


Integrity has always been before everything else at Al Rugaib. We have always been, and will always will be, an honest company. The belief that you are not able to get to the top without unethical and disreputable behavior is completely false to us. Al Rugaib Furniture will be a successful company by hiring honorable people, serving honorable people, and making honorable business decisions.

Passion and Creativity

Customer and Employee satisfaction is vital in creating delivery excellence. Our talented employees utilize their creativity constantly to make us stand out. Determination, passion, and positive team spirit is at the heart of the company. We are an innovation-driven team with our customers at the forefront.


    We worked on premium projects for Residential Complexes, Luxury Hotels, Residential Apartments, Government Authorities, Commercial Offices, and Universities. Al Rugaib has closed more than one-thousand projects since it's start.

A message from the CEO

We are a talented and fresh team with a common mission of providing as much variety as possible in furniture and home goods. Innovation, creativity, and diversity are the tools we use to reach our mission of supplying customers with all the products and services they desire to make their dream home.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Al Rugaib’s website.
Hamad M. Al Rugaib

Chief Executive Officer

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, and has been since this company’s establishment in 1958. We offer a unique environment that reflects one of our core values, transparency. Here at Al Rugaib Furniture, there is an open-door policy. The choice was made by us to adopt a flat hierarchy rather than
a rigid one.

Above all, we believe that good ideas aren’t reserved for some, so we present the chance for anyone to contribute and create. As we’ve grown, our 1,000+ employees have become family. During the 2020 pandemic, Al Rugaib was undoubtedly hit hard like all businesses around the world.
Instead of staying changeless in that trying time, we thank god and our employees for the ability to not only survive, but adapt and evolve. If it wasn’t the pandemic, something else would force us to innovate and utilize technologies.

The retail business is a varying and flexible field due to changing customer trends, economic factors, and technological alterations. We are constantly transforming. This transformation affects every process involved in getting your selected products to you. Processes like cutting down delivery time, building warehouses and showrooms in more cities, expanding our services, improving our website, & developing a budding
mobile application that is now flourishing and capable.

We take care of our teams’ atmosphere and well-being by providing multiple communities aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fostering relationships between coworkers, and providing light-hearted
entertainment. Communities like The Knowledge Community that holds workshops and courses allowing employees to grow personally and professionally, The Sports Community that delivers discounted gym memberships, and fun physical activities like rock climbing and soccer games, The Charitable Community that organizes Ramadan baskets and annual Clothes drives, The Entertainment Community that brought ice cream trucks and move nights, The health community that presents blood drives and walk-a-thons, & The Environmental Community that encouraged the upkeep of office plants and provided water coolers to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.

Since 2020, Al Rugaib Furniture has closed 472 projects. It was a dream to be able to furnish 3 islands for the Redsea Project, 632 apartments for the ministry of defense, the F1 Aramco VIP Lounge, the minister
of public prosecutions office, and the Saudi Aramco Executive Beach Villas in Ras Tanura.

With over 200,000+ customers served, we’re proud of our long history of keeping our customers at the forefront of our work. In 2021 we reached over 500,000 monthly website visitors. Today we are a company with a diverse portfolio of partners, brands, and clients across many sectors and geographies around the country. Our vision is to go public, become one of the top players in Saudi, expand to the GCC, and then god willing- the world.

Even though we started as a family business, we do not want you to think of us that way. Al Rugaib furniture co. is for everyone. We hope for a future where our employees and clients have shares in our business. The success and advancement of this organization can be an achievement that benefits and is
celebrated by every one of you.

The fact that you’re here and reading this means we’re doing something right. I encourage you to browse our website and discover more of what we have to offer. I hope you see that Al Rugaib Furniture is proud of our past and looking forward to a bright future.
Hamad M. Al Rugaib