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Myriam Mirror (6624374489184)
Myriam Mirror (6624374489184)
Myriam Mirror
SR 700.00
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Laurel Floor Lamp (6595258777696)
Laurel Floor Lamp
SR 1,220.00
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Amani Al-Ayed

Saudi interior designer and visual artist, and global director of VD Design, a company specializing in interior furniture. Amani Al-Ayed's particular touches and choices express his refined taste in the world of design and decoration. Amani is not only a designer, but also an influencer who raises awareness in many areas of life and decoration content.

Yasmin Al-Khawashki

Yasmin Al-Khawashki, Home and Space Coordinator, founded the Yashki Foundation to bring happiness into homes. Yasmine believes in the positive energy that emanates from a beautiful, comfortable home. It aspires to develop a correct awareness of how to use the appropriate domestic space for our daily practical life and its positive impact on our environment.

Warda Al-Sharqiya

Warda Al-Sharqiya is one of the influencers of the eastern region, who was distinguished in choosing her advertisements.. her choices are striking and unique to suit modern tastes

Noha Al-Babtin

Noha Al-Babtin is an interior designer and is interested in educating the community on everything related to construction and housing

Leen Alsharif

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