Summer Training Program

Invest in a place that invests in YOU

Welcome to the program!


A day of training at Al Rugaib Furniture


• Currently studying bachelors

• Working proficiency in English and Arabic

• One of the following majors: MIS, E-commerce, HR, Graphic Design, Computer Science, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Interior Design, Business management, Marketing, Mathematics, Statistics, Motion graphics, or Industrial Engineering

• For co-op students: Requires a University form that dictates a request for an internship and specifies the required length (Minimum 2 months and can be up to 7 months)


Why Al Rugaib?


“From the first week at Hamad Al Rugaib I felt valuable to the organization and a member of the family. Every door is open and no one will shame you for not knowing any detail. It is the best environment to learn and show what you have. I hope my journey at Hamad Al Rugaib won't stop after the summer internship program”


Abdulmalek AlKaabi, Marketing coordinator intern

“I trained in the IT department as a systems analyst, and during that time, everyone in the department offered their assistance and advice when I had any questions. I haven't finished my training, but every day I gain more knowledge. Once I have completed all of my tasks for the day, I can go to any department and learn from them. In this company, you will feel at home”


Amjaad Alnahdi, System Analyst Intern

“My journey at Al Rugaib Furniture has been wonderful. It was an experience I wouldn’t have encountered anywhere else. I started as a business analyst co-op trainee in the E-commerce department. I was able to pursue what I love for a living in an ideal environment with a magnificent team. Today, I’m honored to be the Content Team Lead in that same department. They gave me the courage to innovate & motivation to operate at my full potential. What I know unequivocally is that I work in a company that supports its employees and allows them to flourish. Invest in a company that invests in your development”


Wessam Hamadneh, Senior E-Commerce Analyst

"This is the perfect place to start your career. Budding talents are
encouraged to experiment and create. As my first workplace experience, Al Rugaib broke all assumptions I had of a rigid workplace environment. The beauty of this place are the young like-minded employees that contribute to the fresh, creative atmosphere. My leader and co-workers in the E-commerce department offered continuous support and guidance for me to grow myself alongside this growing company"


Lama Kamas, Business Analyst Intern

End of Journey Feedback