Atom Handmade Oil Painting

Crestview SKU: CVBWF1735
handpainted oil painting (4791302717536)

Atom Handmade Oil Painting

Crestview SKU: CVBWF1735
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The painting captures the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom. The soft white and pink petals unfurl gracefully from their branches, some still tightly closed in buds, while others fully open and revealing their delicate stamens. The artist has meticulously rendered the fine details of the blossoms, from the subtle variations in color to the delicate veins on the petals. The dark background creates a dramatic contrast, making the blossoms stand out and adding a sense of depth and intimacy to the scene. The overall impression is one of elegance, fragility, and the fleeting beauty of spring.


    • Dimensions: 51.6 inches x 51.6 inches
    • Medium: Oil painting
    • Support: Canvas
    • Frame: PS frame
    • Subject: Cherry blossoms
    • Colors: White, pink, black


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