City View Oil Handpainting

Crestview SKU: CVBWF1703
handpainted oil painting (4791916953696)
41.6*61.6" 100% handpainted oil painting (4791916953696)

City View Oil Handpainting

Crestview SKU: CVBWF1703
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This abstract oil painting features a captivating display of colorful brushstrokes and geometric shapes. The dominant colors are blue, green, and gold, with accents of black, white, and red. The brushstrokes are loose and gestural, creating a sense of movement and energy. The use of geometric shapes adds a touch of structure and balance to the composition. The overall impression is one of modern sophistication and artistic expression. This piece would be a stunning focal point in any home or office.


    • Brand: Crestview
    • Material: 100% handmade oil on canvas
    • Style: Abstract
    • Colors: Blue, green, gold, black, white, red
    • Dimensions: 41.6 inches wide by 61.6 inches high
    • Frame: PS frame (black in the image)

اللوحات والصور #لوحة #لوح#
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